Proxima® Syntactic Thermoset Resins (STR) are filler compatible resins. These resins maximize the obtainable microspheric loading while providing the processing ease of polyurethanes and toughness superior to epoxies.

Ideal for
  • Distributed buoyancy
  • Drill riser buoyancy
  • Installation buoyancy
  • ROV buoyancy
The Proxima® Difference
  • Cast defect-free large parts, in excess of 60 gallons, with just a single pour
  • Improve productivity and operating costs with fast cycle times
  • Up to 30% lower neat resin density than epoxy and polyurethane resins providing material cost savings
  • Excellent strength to weight ratio, resisting wear, cracking, chemicals and corrosion in the most challenging environmental conditions
  • Superior strength allows consistent performance at deeper depths than other materials; avoid performance problems
  • The only olefin thermoset that delivers consistent performance when using a variety of fillers
  • Very low moisture absorption
  • Offer a wider portfolio of molded products to customers due to significant formulation flexibility and large part casting
  • Customize Proxima® to meet your unique requirements to differentiate your product in the marketplace
  • Reliable performance when using additives and colorants
  • Carbon footprint is 50% lower than epoxies
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Proxima® Resins for Syntactic Foam: STR 3105 & 3190


Thermosets for Subsea Buoyancy Syntactic Foams

Materia thermoset resin experts can

  • Help you develop the most competitive and effective resin strategy for high temperature, high pressure environments
  • Help you differentiate your offerings in the subsea syntactic foam market
  • Provide engineering support for any of the variety of processing techniques you choose
  • Provide immediate access to an established network of expert molding partners
  • Enable your need to in-source manufacturing with great ease and reduced capital costs

Superior performance. Reliability. Differentiation.
Have Confidence with the Proxima® Difference.

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