Create a robust water barrier for flowlines, field joints and well-head equipment for industry-leading flow assurance with Proxima® High Temperature Insulation (HTI) resins. Proxima® HTI thermoset resins offer exceptional hot/wet stability, easy processing for onshore and offshore operations, and enable end-to-end insulation systems.

Materia is the industry’s go-to partner for the most reliable subsea thermal insulation, providing miles and miles of defect-free thermal insulation for global oil and gas industry leaders. Customers choose Proxima® because we push the boundaries to deliver performance unmatched by competitive materials.

Ideal for
  • Thermal insulation
  • Field joints
  • Equipment
The Proxima® Difference
  • The only product for deepwater flowline insulation rated to >350 °F with a low cost and high throughput application process
  • Cast parts 80 feet in length with simplified processing conditions due to low viscosity
  • Superior adhesion to polypropylene and polyethylene substrates
  • Reliable, validated performance in hot, wet, and high pressure environments for multi-decade service lives
  • Elastomeric properties enable low internal stress, minimal creep, and reliability
  • Incompressible at depths greater than 10,000 feet
  • Excellent strength to weight ratio, resisting wear, cracking, chemicals and corrosion in the most challenging environmental conditions
  • Take advantage of a pot life that ranges from minutes to hours based on operational needs
  • Customize Proxima® to meet your unique requirements to differentiate your product in the marketplace
  • Carbon footprint is 50% lower than epoxies
Learn more about Proxima® HTI
Proxima® HTI 1400 Technical Data Sheet
Proxima® HTI 1808 Technical Data Sheet


Thermosets for Subsea Insulation

Materia thermoset resin experts can

  • Help you develop the most competitive and effective resin strategy for high temperature, high pressure environments
  • Provide engineering support for any of the variety of processing techniques you choose
  • Enable your need to in-source manufacturing with great ease and reduced capital costs
  • Provide immediate access to an established network of expert molding partners
  • Help you become more competitive in the subsea insulation market

Superior performance. Reliability. Well integrity. Differentiation.
Have Confidence with the Proxima® Difference.

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