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Unique Performance Capabilities of Proxima Thermosets

Excellent Toughness
Excellent Hot/Wet Properties
Low Viscosity Resins
Thermal Stability
Hydrolytic Stability
Corrosion Resistant
Abrasion Resistant
Impact Strength
Damage Tolerance
Low Density
High Compressive Strength
Low Water Absorption
Large, Defect-Free Casting
Fast Cure Times

The Power of Proxima Thermosets

Access New Frontiers Without Compromise

Proxima resins enable production of subsea reservoirs with oil temperatures up to 400°F (204°C) without resorting to pipe-in-pipe or subsea cooling systems. Our unique formulations provide a cost-effective solution for ultra-deepwater projects.

Surpass Limitations in Existing Technologies

Proxima composites and casting resins rise to the demanding service conditions, offering better thermal stability and reliability than traditional composite systems combined with the corrosion and chemical resistance of a hydrocarbon polymer.

Novel Hydrocarbon Thermosets

Through our unique catalytic process that produces Proxima resins, our materials outperform traditional thermoplastics and thermosets. Proxima resins won’t react with water and won’t melt under hot/wet conditions.

Are you looking for advanced material solutions?

Materia has a wide range of Proxima® formulations available and the expertise to develop highly tuned thermosetting resin systems for your performance and processing requirements.

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